Penny makes beautiful shoes and handbags and has been doing so for over 10 years. 

A creative streak combined with a great love for accessories provided Penny with an obvious career choice. Having graduated with a degree in Footwear and Accessories Design, she began handcrafting products that offered an uncomplicated blend of comfort and charm.

Penny’s first pair of shoes was commissioned in 2004 by a bride-to-be for her wedding day. The personalised bridal footwear was simple yet elegant, worn lovingly from morning ‘til night. Penny has continued to make shoes for brides throughout her career, including fuschia high-heels that peeked out from under a snowy white gown.


Penny says her inspiration is everywhere - in the natural world around her, inside galleries and museums, among architecture and along streets. Her eyes are always open, hungry for ideas. Her style mirrors her personality, colourful and free, and these assets are lent to the products she hand-stitches with care; each, a unique work of art crafted from supple leather and decorative pieces of cloth.

Her personal favourite? The shoulder bag. Penny has this design in multiple colourways. It is the perfect size to carry your purse, phone, lip balm and all of life’s little essentials.

Please get in touch to learn more about Penny and the wonderful creations she makes at her home in Leicestershire.